What is full form of Covid-19? | Corona related all short forms?

What is the full form of Covid-19?

Full form of Covid-19: Covid-19 stands for Corona virus disease in 2019. This is an infectious disease caused by (SARS- CoV-2) server acute respiratory syndrome Corona virus 2.

full form of Covid-19

Actually it was identified in December 2019 in Wuhan the City of China. From there, its outbreak started growing worldwide. What are the results of this pandemic?


You are watching? As of 8 May, more than 3.80 million cases have been reported across 187 countries and territories. More than 265000 deaths reported. And approx 1.25 million cases have been recovered.


Coronavirios know as too..1. Covid-19 2. 2019nCoV-acute respiratory disease. 3. Nobel coronavirios pneumonia.

As of 8 May more then 5600 cases have been reported in Indian.

full form of Covid-19 and its Symptoms

Symptoms of COVID-19

full form of Covid-19: A physical or mental feature that is considered a sign of the condition of the disease, especially a feature that is obvious to the patient)

Corona virus affected in different parson in different ways.

Common symptoms of Covid-19 and full form of Covid-19

1. Fever

2. Dry cough

3. Tiredness


Some people have also been found to be positive by the Covid-19 effective system.


1. Aches and pains

2. Diarrhea

3. Runny nose

4. Nasal congestion

5.Sore throat

Prevention of COPD 19 is SKWCS.

What is the full form of SKWCS?

SKWCS stands for Stay Keep Wash Cover Sick. It means stay home, keep a safe distance, wash hands often, cover your cough, and Sick then call the helpline.


S- Stay home

K- Keep a safe distance

W- Wash hand often

C- Cover your cough

S- Sick? Call the helpline ( Helpline number is 1075)


How does Covid-19 spread?

This disease is mainly caused by sneezing of a person affected by this virus or by small drops coming out of a particular person. That’s why We have to cover our face with a mask or an appropriate option.


These drops are relatively heavy, do not go far and quickly fall to the ground. People can catch COVID-19 when inhaling these drops from a virus-infected person.


This is why it is important to stay at least 1 m) away from others. These drops can land on objects and surfaces around the person, such as tables, and handrails.

full form of Covid-19

What is Treatment of Covid-19?

Friends, we all know that no medicine has been made for the corona virus. Then some countries have so far claimed that we have prepared the vaccines but it has not yet been officially launched.


So far, there is some treatment, which is social distancing and self-take care.

That is officially announced by all concerned members.

What is the full form of PPEs?

PPEs stands for Personal Protective Equipment for safety. Like as Helmet mouth mask, Goggles Hand gloves, etc.


If you are working in the medical department, your PPEs will be the same. There is a difference in PPEs material as per the working department.


As we know, there are many dangerous chemicals in the market. Which is handling by manpower? PPEs are the solution to protect them and easily handle them.

What is the full form of SOS in Medicine?

The full form of SOS is ‘Si Opus Sit‘ Which meaning is,’If needed’suppose there are 10 patients in your knowledge, whose condition is not correct, then we lack the means to treat them.


The treatment will be given to those who need it with fewer means. Doing this is called SOS.

What is the full form of WHO?

Full form of WHO is the World Health Organization which is a specialized agency of the USA responsible for international public health. It founded on 7 April 1948.Headquarter of WHO is Geneva Switzerland.

It was the WHO that declared the corona virus a novel corona virus.


What is the full form of IFRC?

The full form of IFRC is The International Federation of the Red Cross.


What is the full form of UNISAFE

UNISAFE stands for United Nations Children’s Fund is a United Nations agency responsible for providing children rights.

Final Thoughts full form of Covid-19

In this article i am share about full form of Covid-19 and its related full form if you have more details or any suggestion please drop your comment below.

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